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Friday, March 24, 2006

the baby blanket

i finished the baby blanket i was knitting for landon and sheri. j used to work closely with landon while in his co-op, but now they just email back and forth with some other guys from the old group. they do this ALL DAY LONG. anyways, sheri is about to pop.

a close-up picture of the wool:

and a picture of the detail around the edges:

whoohooooo being done! and now for jess' scarf. it will finally get the attention it deserves.


  1. Hey, it looks very good and perfect for a baby! Good on you. Lots of knitting to be done before it gets too hot, eh? I originally wrote 'before it gets too ho' and I actually think that's much funnier, if less clear. heh.

  2. i've read enough of your emails and posts to understand your typing "style".. if you can call it a style!

    but thank you. i really like the blanket and hope sheri and landon do too.