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Thursday, March 30, 2006

silly cookie

i was so excited to get my pay cheque and then i forgot to cash it. money does not make you interest while sitting in your pocket. must remember to go to a bank tonight.

it's taken until now (well last saturday was the first time i noticed it) that when you google my first name this blog does not show up. after j's run in with identity theft, i did everything i could to take my personal information off this site and it finally worked. identity theft is more real than you think it is. get yourself a shredder!

well this week is coming to an end very soon. friday brings with it m's last day of work. i will definitely miss our lunches and our ~100 daily emails. friday also brings a pizza lunch for me and my team for a job well done. i have to get up mega early to get j to the airport so i'm sure i'll be grouchy and groggy most of the day, but hopefully i'm not a crank pot for my date friday night.

this weekend is going to be killer. i have to work full days both saturday and sunday and manage to get the house clean - and i mean clean enough for s to move in - by saturday night when they're expecting to get back. those two are crazy enough to try and make the 1800 kilometers in one go. good luck!

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