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Monday, March 13, 2006


so we're half way through march. anyone else find that a little crazy? it was so nice and sunny and warm saturday, but then the rain came.

my brother was in town this weekend, but when we went over to my parents place to see him, everyone was sick. we didn't stay long.

i'm trying to think of what else we did, but it really wasn't much. it was a relaxing weekend.

we did learn that our cats go crazy for cat nip. so crazy that rolo will actually follow you to the cupboard where it's kept. he's a little ocd like that. we have funny video of him trippin out.

and now for some knitting news: i started a baby blanket for our friends landon and sheri, who are very pregnant. it's really neat (link) because it's knit on the diagonal. i had to switch from two straight needles to some circulars to fit it all. it's excited for the blanket. i'm almost half done.


- i have a written test tomorrow afternoon for a job at health canada. this is a 6-12 month term biology position, so i'm really hoping for it, but you never know.

- my s&b group is having a pizza potluck dinner this thursday night. a little spin on our regular night.

- j's sister is moving here at the end of the month. i was going to fly out to thunder bay and drive back with her, but i can't.. because...

- my mom's wedding show (link) is the first weekend in april. like usual, i will be working all weekend and pocketing some mad cash.

and for those of you who didn't know, the government has renewed my contract, but has made me casual instead of agency. what this means for me: i get another $1 an hour, every hour. what this means for them: they get to pay less for my services. my contract now finishes july 19th. will i last that long? stay tuned.

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