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Friday, March 31, 2006


run around mode

i got up very early to get j to the airport. i got home and got ready for work, hopped on the bus and got to work at 7:30. it was a crazy day and a crazy long day, but i survived. once i was on my way home on the bus, i knew i needed some sleep. i couldn't concentrate on my book the way i get when i'm tired, not just distracted.

recovery mode

i slept. i slept and slept and slept. i got home and checked my email and the phone for messages and then went to bed. i slept for two and a half hours. mmmmmm.

preparation mode

i filled myself with food and set out to prepare the house for sunday. i knew that since i was working all weekend i was going to be pressed to find time for this so tonight seemed like a good time. i did dishes and laundry and vacuumed and put stuff away. the house still looks messy, but the mess is in piles. there's something to be said for piles. plus i got rid of all the spiders.

me mode

i'm always in me mode. never am i not myself. and you know what.. i'm proud of that.


  1. Don't the cats eat your spiders? Mmmmm...crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside.

  2. they hardly ever actually eat them. they'll find them and bat them around, and that's where the fun usually ends. to their defense, the spiders are very often up high (where the wall meets the ceiling) and they can't reach.