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Monday, March 27, 2006

on the theme of finishing projects, i also finished the scarf for jess. she sold the second most tickets for our comedy night. we went out and picked out some wool and i finally got it all put together and added the fringe last night. she's working with me this weekend at the wedding show so i'll give it to her then.

i wish i could say that i finished goliath - my scrapbook for 2005 - but when i got together with julie saturday night, i worked on my 2006 book. see, the pressure's off for finishing goliath because i'm so close and i'm still waiting on the last pictures (i ordered them from on online print store) so i couldn't have finished it even if i put the title on that one page. i think i'm maturing when it comes to my scrapbooking style. when i go back and look at the first pages i made you can see how far i've come. even j noticed and commented saturday night.. and this was after splitting two pitchers with two other people ("i'm not drunk, i'm just loud!")

j's dad was in town.. basically he flew in and out of here, but spent a couple of days in kingston. so we had dinner twice with j's family so that was nice. maybe i should go and see my family at some point.


  1. Andreas is not good-looking!

  2. whoa, where did that come from??

    i was thinking about it more and it was all relative. i had abe and ray to (not) look at. andreas is young and there's nothing glaringly wrong with him. not my kind of guy really, but hey, what can you do?