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Thursday, March 23, 2006

no white flag above my door

last night i was a party animal. i got home from work, kinda late because the bus stopped but didn't open the doors and drove on. weird, eh? so i was a senior citizen and called to complain. anyways, i get home and have a quick nap standing in the kitchen. we ate food and i watched millionaire, jeopardy and deal or no deal. quite the tv marathon night. i also knit the baby blanket until i had no wool left, which, unfortunately, did not coincide with the blanket being complete. so i put it down and got back to work on the scarf for jess. i'm going to need to get more wool for both projects i think. and then i went to bed at 9:30. i warned you. i'm not the go-out kinda girl i used to be.

i'm also fighting off the cold that's going around. that's my excuse.

i'll post from home with pictures.

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