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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

monay monay monayyyyy

i got my first government cheque today. sweeeeeet!

today's also a good day because i switched from winter jacket and tuke, mitts and scarf to light spring jacket. it's light green and fits well. it makes me happy.

this week is flying by, which is good. this is a heavy week with fiscal year-end and uncertainty of future due to a new government. but let's not talk politics. we don't even have to say we have. i hate talking politics.

last night j and i had a great dinner with a&s. they cooked us a wonderful meal. i'm looking forward to trying the dessert that i missed out on.

even though i had a great time, i'm looking forward to a night in tonight. i'll get home and we'll go to the gym, but then the night is mine. we have some chicken to cook and there are tons of little things to be done that you really need a whole night to tackle. things like laundry and cleaning. i'm sure there's tv to watch too.

speaking of tv and media and such, i'm still on my no-celebrity-gossip diet and i've lost 10 pounds! (diet - pounds... get it? i haven't actually lost any weight though.. not that i'm trying to lose weight....) i love that i no longer care about people i don't know and will never meet because their world is not the same as my world. my world has people who have to work 9-5 desk jobs to feed and house themselves. people who can shop in no matter what store and only be recognized by long-forgotten high school acquaintances. people who are so much more real than celebrities.

wedding show this weekend. don't forget to tell all your happily-engaged friends!


  1. It really is better than it looks, I promise.

  2. There's a dessert called sex in a pan and it looks sloppy and awful but is absolutely fabulous. Hooray for dessert!

    Real people are the bomb (la bombe), except for specific ones that pee in public in broad daylight. Those people, we could probably live without, knowing what we know about them, celebrity style.

    In conclusion, who loes comma splices? meeee!