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Friday, March 10, 2006

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last night was a nice, full evening, especially for a school night. i got home and almost immediately we left for somerset. we had dinner with some of j's car friends at the cleanest, brightest, nicest chinese restaurant i have ever been to. we bought a whole bunch of different plates and spun them around the centre of the table, grabbing whatever we wanted. we were the only ones in the whole place so the chef made us deepfried banana and ice cream for dessert. it was nice.

i left before everyone else to grab s and head to m's for some knitting madness. it was nice and calm and interesting and hardly madness at all. we talked about so many neat topics. i managed to get some work done on my last charity scarf, but nothing on my wavy scarf. i forgot the pattern at home anyways. so we were gabbing on about anything and everything and i look over at the clock and it's almost 11 (10:58pm to be exact) so we decide to start packing up.

i had parked on the street in the glebe in a huge and very deep puddle. so i climbed in through the passenger side, which was much easier with lumi who didn't have a centre console. i love the mazda, but it is a small car.

i get home and j was asleep. not unusual - it was late and we had a long day. but the funny part is that he didn't wake up even for a second with me stomping around the place (i try to be quiet, i really do!) not even when i had to rescue him from near strangulation from his ear phones.

so i wake up this morning and go into the bathroom. i look at the back of the door and there's a bug. ladies, when you live with a guy, it's the guy's job to deal with bugs. it's not that i can't handle them, it's that i don't want to. so i go downstairs and tell jon there's a bug in the bathroom. i'm glad you can't see my impression, because i stood in the kitchen and showed him what the bug looked like. this produced a lot of laughter from him and maybe some pouting from me. don't make fun of me! go and kill the damn bug!

so, any plans this weekend? i don't have any yet and i would like some. well, actually, my brother is coming to town so i guess i have some sort of plan in that i have to be at my parent's place for part of the weekend. and i have to crank out a scarf for the girl on my ball team who sold the most tickets.

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