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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

let me tell you

i want to tell you about the germophobe in my office. let's call her germie. i see germie in the bathroom. there is one female bathroom on my floor so i tend to see a lot of the women in this office day-to-day in the bathroom. this is normal.

germie is so obviously terrified of germs. she goes to the bathroom, but not before she pulls some papertowels down. she leaves the papertowels hanging from the dispenser. then she pees. then she turns on the water. then she grabs the paper towels and wipes the handle she just used. then she washes her hands. then she grabs more papertowels. then she washes her hands again and uses to papertowels to turn off the faucet and get more papertowels. then she uses the final papertowel bunch to open the door and finish drying her hands. and then she's gone.

wow. maybe i should tell her about purrell. then should could just carry around a bottle and douse her hands whenever she got the creeping feeling that a single germ had entered her life. i'm glad i'm not her child. *rubs dirty hands in eyes*

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