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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

it's cool to love your family

i listened to some music this afternoon from new music canada (link) by the stars and feist. they are both solid bands, but maybe not my favourite. or it could be that they're new to me and i'm tired and working. hmm. i will definitely give them both another honest try and report back.

let's talk about useless meetings. if you work in government you know what i'm talking about. i had two yesterday and one today. why? what is it about the government that makes people want to get together and talk about things that either don't matter, don't matter to everyone, or are just plain useless (like, you could have told me that by email instead of dragging my fat ass* up three flights of stairs!)

i was ultra productive today. i'm earning my keep. i can't wait to leave though so i can read my book.

oh, and by the way, i'm on my third day without celebrity gossip and i'm feeling good. honestly. who needs that crap anyways?

*the fact that i take the stairs should be indication enough, but just to clarify, i do not have a fat ass. in my opinion of course.

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