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Monday, March 13, 2006


i've got it! i finally know what i'm giving up for lent. bear with me - i am not religious, i don't even know when lent started or when it will finish, but i've always wanted to give something up for lent. call me crazy and i'll be right there laughing with you.

all that aside, i've decided what it is i will live without for the duration (when does it end? easter?) drumroll please [pauses] [drumroll?] [who hired these people?? somebody get me a drumroll!] [DRUMROLL!] i am giving up celebrity gossip! no more reading the trashy part of metro every day. no more checking celebrity gossip blogs (they're already off my sidebar). no more channel hopping and stopping on e talk daily or whatever other crap show. i'm done!

i realized this is probably one of the best things i can do for myself and i'll tell you why. celebrities might as well be aliens. they are so unrealistic (reality shows can bite me!) and when i read that crap it doesn't make my life better. it doesn't make me feel better about myself. so i'm done. who's with me [jerry mcguire style]? who's with me [motions vigorously with fish in plastic baggie]?


  1. I totally don't understand the fish in a bag bit but I'M IN! I also harbour a bizarre habit of checking up on crap about people I don't care about and So I'm going to tag along on your lent thing. And yeah, it's supposed to end on Easter (and be somewhat representative of Christ's suffering, I think), but I think I'll just keep not caring about celebrities FOREVER and binge on chocolate with the gave-up-chocolate people.

    Good idea. You're right about stopping habits that fill time and benefit no-one. Apparently after 28 days an activity (or lack thereof) officially becomes a habit.

  2. it takes that long for something to become habit? shit. i guess i have to go to the gym a couple more times. weird.

  3. when tom cruise was leaving his office he had his fish in a little plastic bag with water and air and was yelling "who's with me?" really loud in a freak-out kind of way. that's all.

  4. ah vanessa, who knew that would appeal to your sense of humour? awesome!