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Monday, March 6, 2006

busses, yes, city busses

busses. i love them and i hate them. i hate how it takes more than 20 minutes for a bus that comes every ten. i hate how there is usually this drunk 40-ish gross disgusting man who insists on sitting near me. i hate how sometimes i have to stand. i hate how sometimes they break down. i hate waiting out in the cold.

but you know what i love. i love that i don't have to drive in rush-hour traffic. i love the randomness of talking to the strange people, or just observing them. i love that the bus gives me 25 minutes in the morning to just sit. i usually read my book, but sometimes i listen to my music and sometimes i listen to conversations going on around me. sometimes i watch people. sometimes i zone out and stare out the window at nothing and everything passing by.

most of all, i love that the bus takes away the sense of urgency. it takes away to rush in the morning. sure i run to the bus stop every morning, and sometimes i run home at night. i don't mind. i like that i have that time to not think, to just sit. so thank you busses, for every morning you give me 25 minutes of me time.

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  1. I know what you mean about bus freedom. I savour it much more than I used to... commuting to university from the suburbs every day was a trial and a half, but now that my commute is short and only a couple of times a week, I really enjoy the bus. Or maybe I just enjoy getting out of the house during daylight hours... that could be it.