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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

big relief

i had my test this afternoon. it was a three-hour long written test for a biology position with health canada. i smacked down the test in just over an hour. i am very pleased with my performance and can't wait for the next step. the next step is an interview. and i was double pleased to learn that there are only 12 of us writing the exam and that last time they ran a competition for these entry-level jobs, all 12 were hired within 6 months. i just have to dazzle them in the interview. SO.EXCITED!

okay, i was so windy today. i left my building at lunch and you know when it's so windy you can't breathe? well it was that windy. there were points when i was walking and not moving. i mean, i know my building creates weird wind tunnels (m, back me up here!), but it was super windy everywhere. i'm glad it wasn't garbage day. last time we lost our black box.

i'm making good progress on my baby blanket. i'm not quite half done, but it goes by really quickly and i can't put it down and now the guilt about not studying for the test is gone so hopefully i'll whip the blanket up in no time.


  1. Hooray for rocking tests and I clearly back you up on the wind tunnel. It can be the nicest, most pleasant day , then you round the corner and absolutely have to fight the wind to get in. I tell ya, sometimes if I weren't closer to work than home, I'd give in and turn around. Other times, I don't care how close I am, I still want to go home!

    Congratulations on your good job done. You are really earning this one!

  2. It was windy for sure. The wind even picked up our garbage can and whisked it across the parking lot.

    Congrats on rocking the test and good luck with the interview!

  3. thanks to both of you.

    alan, i was wondering if you could bring your fancy camera thursday night. i'll email you though, since these are my comments and i don't expect anyone else to check them religiously.