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Friday, March 3, 2006


i've been told that some people read this blog and i really had no idea. hmm. not sure what i think about that and not sure if it will affect my writing style (do i even have a writing style?) i'm going to say no - to the 'will it affect me' question. i'm not going to change anything. this blog is for me. if i say something a little too personal and it offends you - suck it up or don't come back. fair? good, i'm glad we understand each other.

this week has been a whirlwind complete with job-hunting, candy and chocolate, working and not working, and lots of family dinners. the job hunting was for s who is moving here. four weeks! four weeks! i'm so glad that we get along so well. i remember calling her a night in may two years ago now.. make that almost three years ago now - oops! - to tell her that j and i were engaged. i remember her words: you're shitting me! you've gotta be shitting me! i have to call mom and dad." and off she went. her dad was in bc and her mom was in cornwall. she called them both and called back 6 hours later (around 4 in the morning) to say she finally believed us and that she was happy for us. gee thanks. nice vote of confidence. to her defense, i had only met her once (maybe twice) (back off! lots has happened over the years. i remember the important things) and so she didn't know what we were like together.

so she was j's best man and my brother, s funnily enough, was my maid of honour. we really threw most traditions out the window. there is no one else i would have had in those two positions. there are just some things that are right. and having s & s there was right.

kind of like, but not like at all, how when we were test-driving cars, we would get back in one of our little cars (lumi the off-white beast who would turn off while driving down the street or the saturn who is still trucking amazingly enough) and talk about the car we were just in. what we liked about it and what we didn't like. with the mazda 3 we could only say good things. we were in love. it was right. it was perfect.

i'm glad that we agree on the big things. all the major things that we've gone through so far, getting engaged and married obviously being the biggest and most .. big.. hmph!, we've agreed on. we're very similar when it comes to the big things. big big big!

i think i'm losing it! good thing s left all her chocolate in ottawa and i can go home and prolong the gluttony-fest another day. until j hides it all on me. though i did find his chocolate hiding spot!

wow, check out the amazingly abundant use of adverbs in this post. definitely not my usual writing style.

and finally, from captain pants, my horoscope from for march:
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)
The two-step may have been fine for Fred and Ginger, but who wants to be taking two steps forward and two steps back every time they hit the ground? Not me. And not ya'll, I'm just guessing. March is all about breaking out of the box step and break dancing instead ... or maybe a spicy mambo? A tango to work, a rumba to bed? Dare to do something buckwild crazy this spring, and release all the built-up tension of the winter months. Until the new moon at the very end of the month, the only expectations you have to live up to are your own. The most important thing I can tell you right now: Don't spend your life taking instructions on how to live from people that aren't even qualified to give you street directions. Or dance instructions.

hmmm, i have lots of dances. i make them up all the time.

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