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Wednesday, February 8, 2006

whooo hooooo!

i'm quite excited about lots of things.

first, let's talk about knitting. i knit every week with my girls. we call it our s&b - or stitch&bitch - it's a nice break from the regular after-work-dinner-gym-rush of my life. usually i knit scarves. they're easy and usually quick and practical. last week, i finished my charity wool scarf (we got some wool and all made scarves and will give it all to the salvation army) and decided to try a knit-flat mitten pattern. the challenge is that it's not a scarf. i'm out of my element. but i'm having a good time and i'm learning things. eventually, i hope to be able to knit mittens in the round. ooohh, i'm so ambitious!

then, just today, m posts a link for kitty beds (this is a link) and i'm excited to try making one. i wonder if my kitties would like such a thing.. i can't see why not. and i would have to learn how to felt projects. exciting. and if it all works out, this is the perfect christmas present for next year ooooooohh!

now let's talk about finances. well, nothing specific. last night we met with somebody from primerica and right away he's found us a way to get $5000. sweet deal! and we don't even have to pay him. they do a complete financial assessment and work their tails off trying to get you out of debt so that they can make money off of you when you're saving and making money yourself. it sounds too good to be true, but i'm not lying. $5000 in my pocket! now that's enough for a trip to australia.

and finally, let's talk about my health. i'm only partly kidding. i went to the gym on sunday and again last night and i have to admit i'm glad to be back at it. i am sore yes, but i feel great.

my life's coming up milhouse.

(don't forget about Absolute Comedy March 8th. get your tickets early!)

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