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Thursday, February 23, 2006

what's on your mind? spit it out

we went to the gym last night. i wore my lululemon pants. they really are the greatest work out pants ever. they make me feel sexy and they make me look good and they keep me dry even though i'm sweating like a pig. i'm very close to being addicted.

news on the australia trip: i'm going! i haven't booked my tickets yet, but i found out the ticket prices for sure and we can afford it. yay!yay!yay! i'll be gone for three weeks, maybe 4. i'm going to start seriously looking into things. i know that i for sure want to see the great barrier reef, which is north, and the girl i'll be staying with is south, still on the east coast, but south. i!am!so!excited!

i should find out soon about my contract. i know that i wasn't going to accept any more extensions, and my whole mindset has changed since i decided that. and it's become more bearable. weird, eh? so, i don't quite know what i'm going to do, but i'm more open-minded about it now. i think it helps that i have a ton of work to do so i'm busier.

oh, and last night i gave in my registration (and cheque) for the 10K race in may! i am officially in. so i have to start officially training. i've never (not once) ran 10K. last year, when training for my 5K, i was running 8K (5 miles = 8 kilometers - won't make that mistake again!) so i know i can do that. my goal though, is to 1) run the whole race. no walking. and 2) run the whole race in an hour or less. i don't know yet if that's do-able, but i'm going to try.

good news (seems like there's lots of good news today): i have most of next week off work. s is coming to town monday night, so i'll work monday. she's leaving friday morning so i'll work after i drop her off at the airport. perfect.


  1. 10k in one hour is a good solid goal. I've never run a full 10k either - used to do the Canada day 5k in Kanata until it got to the point where I needed to start to train if I wanted to improve my time. Then I stopped. I've considered trying again, but... training. Can't seem to make time for it. How do you manage to stay motivated? Is it the pressure of having registered for the race?

  2. partially. i go to the gym almost every second day and i honestly love to run. but now that i have registered, i will be training more often.

    it's funny, my parents were saying that i shouldn't sign up for a distance i've never done before because i don't know that i can do it. but really, that's backwards. i sign up for something i can reach for and push myself and finally attain. racing is such a rush.