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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

valentine's day day

you know how december 24th is christmas eve and then the 25th is christmas day. well boxing day should be christmas day day. so that would make today valentine's day day.

valentine's day was just another day. it's so completely a hallmark holiday. don't tell me which day to *love* someone more. i don't take crap like that. maybe it meant something when i was younger and fresh to relationships and that crap, but not anymore. i'm old and jaded, at least that's what i'm sounding like.

but no matter what you think about the "holiday" guys, don't dump your damn girlfriend on v-day. even i would be slightly offended. the day before - fine. the day after - even better (though explaining the lack of gifts/fancy dinner out/ sexy night in/ whatever it is people do (ass-less fishnet stockings is the best i've heard so far this year) would be hard). just don't do it the day of. girls don't like that. take my advice and help yourself from getting your reputation tarnished. even if you can't stop the asshole/small dick/smelly rumours, you can not be that ass who dumps his girlfriend on valentine's day.

valentine's day is for suckers.

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