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Monday, February 27, 2006

summertime cookout

friday night, i was a super star and was in bed before midnight. what can i say - it was a long week.

saturday i had a job meeting, but nothing exciting. j drove around for the hour i was in the meeting. remember all the snow and accidents? that was what he was out in. crazy fool. saturday night we went to the fox and feather with some friends. i had a great time. honestly. i was so glad i went.

sunday was a shopping day. we went to bayshore and got j some much-needed jeans. then it was dinner at gramma's (typical sunday fare) and out for groceries.

among all that excitement (i'm not actually very exciting) i was able to knit lots. i'm learning new things. i want to make a cat bed, but i need real wool, none of this acrylic crap that i usually use, and baby booties or something. not for me.

today is my only full day of work this week. tonight we pick up s from the airport and start a 5-day adventure that is her looking for permanent employment in the city and me being chauffeur. nice.

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