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Monday, February 6, 2006

my lovely lady lumps - check it out!

another weekend post! who's excited??? i am! i am!

friday night i went to fat tuesdays. i wasn't planning on going out, but since my montreal plans fell through, i had some time on my hands. i managed to drink a lot of beer. we went to honest lawyer next where i ran into dan, a guy i used to work with. he's so nice. then we went across the street to the drink. we managed to score a ride home and i stumbled in at 4am. i was the loudest tip-toeing drunk ever. it's amazing j managed to stay asleep through all of my thunder.

saturday night i was going to stay in. i even rented myself a movie (bewitched - i picked something j didn't want to see) and got cheese for nachos and ice cream. i was sitting on the couch, knitting with my kitties, watching the movie when j and richard came over. we decided to go out because it was a girl on my team's birthday. it was pouring and disgusting, but we made it downtown and went to on tap (since it's mardi gras everywhere was mega busy. everywhere except on tap). we didn't stay long and spent too much money on cover and coat check (thanks matt! i owe you lots of money!) and we didn't even manage to meet up with most of the girls. they were somewhere else.. i don't even know where yet.

no drinking saturday night, thankfully, and then sunday was a relaxing day. we finally made it to the gym. i'm happy to report that my abs are sore from my class and i feel good about myself. it had been much to long. j went out to watch the superbowl, but again, i got myself a movie and decided to stay in. i watched house of wax and have to say that i was pleasantly surprised with how deep it was, compared with what i was expecting. i wouldn't rank it up there with shawsank redemption or anything, but it wasn't the worst movie i've ever seen. i caught the last 8 minutes of the superbowl and was happy to see that it wasn't a blow-out - superbowls are notorious for blow-outs - and that pittsburg won. not that i really care.

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