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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

my horoscope

when i was younger i was a huge fan of horoscopes and read mine every day. then i realized how fake they are. sure, you can make generalizations for people based on their sign, but really, what does it all mean? some days my horoscope would be smack on while other days it would be so horribly off.

these days i read my horoscope every day during the week because it's right beside the sudoku puzzle in metro. i don't usually pay it much attention, but today it's right on. i particularly love the last line in it that says "you'll use a suitcase soon". right on!

too bad it didn't say something like "you'll quit your current job and find the job of your dreams that pays a huge fat salary. you'll win the lottery but chose to keep working because you love it so much. with your winnings, you take a luxury cruise - no interior cabin for you! - and your australia trip is paid for. all the leftovers you smartly tuck away into rrsp's and resp's for your future child(ren)'s education(s) and buy the house of your dreams and furnish it, only going to ikea because you want to, not because you must. want that shirt? go buy it! want another car? go get one!"

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