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Sunday, February 19, 2006

heavenly weekend

it's been a good weekend. friday night was date night. j took me out for dinner after i stayed home all day "sick". we had a good dinner at chances r and then went home to watch the exocism of emily rose. it wasn't as scary as we were expecting, but still good. then j went to bed and i watched miss congeniality. that's a funny movie, but so stupid. i still want to see the second one.

yesterday, m and i trucked to montreal to find her a dress for her sister's wedding. we were successful in that she found a dress she really liked. we were unsuccessful in that she didn't buy said dress. i got home and showered and was then taken over to julie's where i scrapbooked the night away. but bed was calling. i slept for hours and hours and then i napped for hours and hours. needless to say, sunday, today, hasn't been very eventful. at least i still have the gym and groceries to keep me busy. i don't think i'll be getting to sleep very early tonight.

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