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Monday, February 13, 2006

government testing

all day saturday i was downtown writing tests for the government. i applied to an inventory thingy for environmental officers and after i submitted my application it made me choose dates for all sorts of tests. i had no clue what was going on. i chose everything. this was a while ago.

then, last thursday i remembered that all the tests were scheduled for saturday. i was downtown longer than i'm at work. it was a long day. and of course i went to bed late on friday night. but the testing is done and maybe i'll get a job out of it.

i just asked my boss for a week off. she won't let me have it. i only have four weeks left in my contract, but i'm finding myself completely lacking motivation. i figured some time off would help. i've had some pretty crappy luck with jobs recently. let's recap. this time last year i was working away on a huge report for the government. i wasn't thrilled or extremely busy, but i was gainfully employed. then my contract ended. i went on ei for 4 months until i found another job. i was there from june-october and hated every second of it. and obviously my boss didn't think much of me either because he asked me to leave about three months early. i had two weeks off before i started this job and we all know how happy i am here and how well i've been treated. i started here october 15th, which is just shy of 4 months ago. i 've taken one day off, other than stats.


i hope my boss isn't too surprised when i call in sick every day of that week i asked to have off. i'm on contract.

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  1. Devious! I can't think of a better way to deal with that. Also, I can't understand why the government hires temp employees and then treats them like crap and sucks their will to live. I think it's just a big plan to make sure that they don't get too much work done. Otherwise, it would make the full-timers look *really* bad.

    Hang in there!