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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

devious smiles afar

i did a step class last night. i am much less sore than last time, but i did my own stretching afterwards. it's amazing how we develop routines, be it the order in which we stretch or the hand we use to brush our teeth, and these routines help us maintain our bodies or simply get through the day. mixing it up, with regards to the hand you use to do things, helps avoid mental disorders later in life, or so i've read. i can imagine. it takes longer to accomplish simple tasks and more thinking.

being left-handed, i tend to do things with both hands, or at least don't favour a hand over the other. i know most people, aka right-handed people, are at a loss with their left hand. they really just can't do day-to-day things that most lefties can do with both hands. i'm not saying i'm a god when it comes to ambidextrousness (i don't even know if that's a word to tell you the truth), but i'm saying that i think being left-handed certainly has it's advantages. when i broke my left wrist, i was able to do most everything with my right hand, including write.

there are even some things i can't do with my left hand period. i can't use scissors. and believe me, i knew this way before my kindergarden teacher finally gave in and let me use the silver scissors instead of the green-handled ones. what a mess!

but there are some things that irk me. i was taught to eat properly, as in with the fork in my left hand and the knife or spoon in my right hand. i remember sitting in bayshore with my grandma learning about the proper way to eat. it took a while, but i can finally use a fork in my right hand, but i think it looks completely strange when people cut or spoon things with their left hand or use a knife with their left.


  1. can someone please view source on my page and tell me how to make the font something other than times new roman?? it's driving me crazy!

  2. quick fix - not sure if it's all you need.

    find the body block in your CSS

    body {
    padding:40px 20px;
    font:x-medium "Trebuchet MS",Trebuchet,Verdana,Sans-Serif;
    font-size/* */:/**/medium;
    font-size: /**/medium;

    notice that the 'font:' line has 'x-medium' as the first parameter. switch it to just 'medium'. No x. I'm guessing you had it at "extra-small" or "extra-large" at one point but there's no such thing as "extra-medium" so the style parser is crapping out and you get plain ol' Times.

    See if that works for you and let me know :)

  3. sweet, it worked. thank you both for your help (dick emailed me.. i'm not crazy!)