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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

8 days a week isn't enough to show you i care

thanks again to both alan and richard who helped me figure out this damn blog. just when i was starting to think i knew a thing or two....

i've been listening to album launches on iceberg radio. it's a nice break from just music, but it isn't too distracting to not let me concentrate on work.

i had a little chat with the temp working upstairs. he basically thinks i'll all set for getting a permanent job in the government because i'm young. it's nice to hear that, but can't i be pessimistic for a minute?? i'm in a really grrr mood so just watch out.

we bought a team canada sweatshirt for my dad for his birthday. i was really impressed with the quality of the team canada gear. nice and thick sweatshirts. j, maybe this is a hint!

hey, i have most of next week off! how sweet is that?? i emailed my boss about two weeks ago asking to have the week off. she fired off a simple email saying "no". i was pissed. but then she came and talked to me and we agreed that i would work monday and friday afternoon. perfect. j's sister is getting to town monday night and leaving friday morning. it's perfect. damn perfect.

the book i'm reading is really interesting. the main character reconstructs faces from skulls. he gets a skull and reconstructs his own face. then the whirlwind of him finding out he has a twin brother who was an assassin for the cia and was in the middle of a super important field operative in mexico. so, off he goes to mexico and has to be his brother that he never knew and convince scary people that he is his brother, and finally must kill the bad guy. i can't imagine having all that thrown in my face and not losing it just a little. okay, maybe completely losing it and crying like a baby with overwhelming dread. honestly. think about it.

i think we are very desensitized to violence and death from tv and movies and the internet and even the news, but when it actually happens to you it's a whole nother story. this time last year, i was driving home from work where two lanes changed to one. you know when you're in the driving zone and you're just driving. well i was in the lane that kept going and there was a car beside me who apparently thought i should have done something to let him in. me: lalalalala. him: *honk* *shaking fist* *yelling at me* i can't quite remember now, but i think i flashed my brights at him at the next stop light or something. he got out of his car. i locked my doors and turned up the music. i was in the right and there was no way i was opening my window to hear anything he had to say. the light turned green i drove on. he scrambled back to his car and proceeded to hassle me. i finally lost him but i didn't go straight home. i was really worried he was going to find me and follow me home. so, all that to tell you that i was so high on adrenaline that lasted for hours. i was pumped about it all night and for days afterwards. and that situation had nothing to do with death at all. i don't know how i would ACTUALLY react to violence/death/whatever else gory. hmmm.


  1. Ooohh, that's a creepy story Batman. It gave me the shivers! At least you were smart about it!

    Permanent government job? Those are three words neither of us are looking forward to for a loooong time.

  2. v, at least you are still in school. i'm out of school, looking for work in a government town. what the hell?

  3. mmm true dat.

    Know what Jordanna...no wait, I mean Lilianna and I talked about? We said we admired your ability to not give a shit about a job. You gave them a taste of their own medecine. What does this have to do with your post? I don't know but you're my hero in a way Batman!

  4. are you serious? i don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. really.

    i did like her a lot though. she was funny.