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Monday, January 2, 2006

wonderful beginnings

today was such a nice day because it's monday and usually monday = work, but thanks to new year's being on a weekend, the government tells us to stay home one extra day. sweet! so we slept in and spent the day shopping and spending free money (in the form of chapters gift cards) and exchanging christmas clothing (i swear i am larger than people think!). we also braved ikea. it was a zoo but we learned that if we park far enough away from the store and the other cars, we're okay and not stressed. now, i have my wedding picture in a really nice black frame, ready to be hung on some unsuspecting wall, my super nice workout clothes fit and are currently being washed, and i have a cool decorating book for first-time home buyers. i still have more money on my gift card and have to decide what to buy. i'm thinking maybe a dvd, but i have to think about it some more.

tonight and last night, j and i played his new csi board game. i'm proud to say that i won both times, but i really wish they had included a trial story or something. there is so much going on and we're still not sure about a couple things. it would be much much better with two more players.. any takers? there are only 8 stories included. you can buy a pack with more stories, but then what? it's weird how, unlike clue, you can only play so many times and then you're done.

i've been scrapbooking lots lately and am on my way to being done 2005 (i'm going in chronological order instead of having theme albums). i can't wait to have an album complete. that will be an accomplishment.

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