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Friday, January 27, 2006

watch out for the pink elephant

a guy in my group at work (i will no longer be calling my group my team) just had knee surgery. i emailed him to say i hoped the surgery had gone well and he responded saying he felt GREAT (all caps like that) and that there was a pink elephant following him around. drugs, perhaps? i think so.

it's friday. how sweet is that? and we're going out tonight. out on the town.

i've designated this weekend as a me weekend. wasn't last weekend a me weekend too? possibly. i'm going to get the house the way i want it and i'm going to sleep in until i can't sleep anymore and i'm going to do the things i want to do. plus, i have lots more cake to finish off.

wanna hear something funny? we went to best buy and bought an av stand that matches our tv stand. it's put together and is standing right beside our tv. the funny part is that we don't have anything to put on it yet. we have plans to get all sorts of things, but for now it's empty. grrrreat!

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