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Monday, January 23, 2006

time is short

when i say time is short, i don't in any way mean i'm dying. i mean that i have so much stuff to do that i feel a little like my life is full and crazy right now.

weekend update (not with tina fey and amy pauller): saturday night was fun. we went to andi's house and then to heart & crown. i managed to drink lots of beer and a bunch of shots. i was pleasantly drunk, but never pukey or even stumbly. i might have been a little more talkative, just ask the random guy wearing the sunglasses on the dancefloor. oops! i got home around 3am and promptly passed out on my bed. hooray for me i remembered to brush my teeth and put on my pyjamas first.

i woke up sunday feeling rested but not quite good. i drank a gallon of water and finally ate. then i had to shovel again. this damn snow! then it was out to kanata for birthday lunch with my parents. it was a very nice day. and when i got home, j was there. we had a good night. he showed me all 300 or so of his pictures from the car show and told me all the stories from his adventure.

now it's back to usual, except things are changing. i will tell all later.