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Monday, January 30, 2006

the weekend

i just realized that my weekends are becoming very repetitive so this may be the last time i post about what i've done over the weekend. ah well, you still read it.

friday night we went and met up with j's mazda 3 friends and headed over to grace o'malleys. some of our other friends showed up so i wasn't bored to tears (don't get me wrong. they are nice guys, but i just can't not be bored when 80% of the conversation revolves around car-stuff. what can i say, i'm just a girl) and had a pretty good time.

saturday my parents were supposed to come over but didn't so we went out and looked at lots of stuff. i managed to spend -$4. i got the money back for our missing black box (the city pays if you lose yours or it gets damaged, but we paid upfront and then got the credit) and i bought a nice blue tray with a white fish on it. nothing like a jesus fish though. if that were the case, i would draw legs on it and put the word "darwin" where the jesus sometimes goes.

speaking of darwin, i received my package of free books from chapters. for those of you not keeping up with my life - i got a gift certificate for chapters for my birthday. so i paid for the books, but not with my money so they were essentially free. one of the books was the 3rd edition of the darwin awards. hilarious! i also got the lonely planet guides for australia and for canada, a short history of nearly everything by bill bryson, and a cookbook. i am very pleased with my new books.

speaking of australia... i'm going there!!!! mid- to late- september i will take off on a little adventure. i have two friends who are there currently, and will be for the next 11 months, for teacher's college. i will be taking at least three but maybe four weeks to travel and explore and hopefully see a kangaroo or two. i already have $20 australian dollars (= australios) towards my cause (thanks m & r!) and now i need things like a plane ticket and a plan. at least i have the general timeframe and the means. it's a good start.

getting back on track, i scrapbooked with julie saturday night. i am so close to being done my 2005 album i can taste it!

yesterday was a lot like saturday, except i spent money. i had a shirt to exchange at the mall so i did that and got a really cute black zip-up shirt with two bright pink bands across the chest. doesn't sound much like something i would wear but i like it.

not much else to report. i have stuff to do tonight and will have to watch 24 later, but that's life. i'm surprised i haven't missed it yet. last season we had to watch the first 4 episodes weeks after they aired. i can't remember why now.

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