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Thursday, January 19, 2006

running around the world

last night i randomly went to the gym. random because i wasn't planning on it really. i ate and watched jeopardy (my guilty pleasure) and then just got up and went. i ran 5K in 35 minutes and stretched real good. i'm a little sore today, but not too bad.

i'm trying to decide what to do tonight and i don't know. i have to make some phone calls when i get home today. i also have to call kelsey's back. my ball team had a sponsorship deal with them in the summer. we were supposed to get our cheque in august and still haven't received it. so i wrote a pretty nasty letter and finally heard from them yesterday, but the guy had left by the time i got home. serves me right that the guy who i set up the deal with is no longer with the company. oh well. we'll get our money at some point.

what do i want for my birthday? i really don't know. doesn't it feel like christmas was a week or two ago? i'm looking at a calendar and see that it was long, but it doesn't feel that way and so i don't know what i want. ideas?

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  1. Hey, why don't you actually 'run around the world'...figure out the circumphrence of the earth( I htink it's like 25,000 km? Don't quote me) and then run it, bit by bit. That would be cool, especially since you know how much you run when you go to the gym. Also, I would totally count the race you ran this summer, but that's just me.