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Thursday, January 26, 2006

rolling on dubs

i was lucky and caught the biggest loser last night. how i love that show.

last night was really a home-night. while j napped, i did dishes and laundry and cleaned up. we had really been neglecting the house so it felt nice to have some of the chaos put at bay.

tuesday night was a potluck dinner at a&s' place. no one really knew what was going on and we were left with a lot of veggies and salad and dip, but no real food. and then m&r got there and we had tons of food. thank you everyone for making my birthday special. i got some lovely things and had a great time.

we got home late after the potluck and didn't go to bed right away so yesterday at work was a little rough, but them's the breaks. tonight we will get back into the swing of things by getting groceries and going to the gym and eating a meal at home. i can't wait.

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