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Saturday, January 21, 2006

justin to kelly, oh my

while i'm waiting for my ride to show up i innocently have the tv on much music. that's usually okay, but tonight, for some reason, they've decided to show from justin to kelly. what a crappy crappy movie. i just can't believe it.

i think the cats miss j more than i do. last night they were waiting up for him. at least i knew he wasn't coming home. then this morning they drove me crazy. i kinda left them alone most of today so this might be a little my fault. i slept in and that felt great, then i shoveled for an hour. no shit. there was lots of snow and it was heavy. i have lots of blisters now and i didn't make it to the gym. so i went shopping instead. completely a me day.

and tonight i'm going out with the girls. and i'm not driving so i just might drink a little. i'll report back later.

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  1. Oh, I totally saw To Justin from Kelly (or vice versa, whatever) in theatres, for serious.

    Here is the recipe for my feelings on that:

    1 part enntertained by sheer stupidity
    3 parts ashamed/enbarrassed/awkward
    1 splash of empowered (yeah, I'm here and I can legally vote, what about it?!)
    3 pinches of exhibitionist (I can't believe I'm posting this)

    Blend, so that there is a proportional chance of feeling any of the above at any given moment, and then finish with a drizzle of 90 minutes I wish I could have back.

    MMM, smooooooth.