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Thursday, January 12, 2006

is it friday yet?

it feels like friday. is it friday yet? why can't it be friday. that would be nicerific.

last night was good. i finished my book (the debt collector) right after work. i had a hard time putting it down and losing sleep staying up to read. now i'm reading a book i've already read, so hopefully i can get some sleep.

j and i went to costco. it was much less busy than we thought it would be. and we went down every single aisle. i don't think we've ever done that before. we got lots of good stuff, and the regular stuff too. then we went to barrhaven so i could get some scrapbooking stuff i couldn't find in zellers, which is much closer and unfortunate that they didn't have it. we were like little kids. there was a huge area of valentine's day stuff. stuffed animals and cards and chocolates. we made some of the stuffed animals hump each other. don't look down on me. you would do it too, or you would at least laugh seeing the two monkeys i think they were, humping.

to top off a good night, the biggest loser was on. it's a two-part series with two engaged couples. one of the girls was just under 300 pounds! i'm glad she's on the show and can't wait to see how well she does on the program. good for them.

tonight is S&B. i haven't been in ages so i'm excited. plus, i found someone to come with me to the wedding show. it won't feel as much like work and i won't have to sign up for everything. she can. perfect!

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