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Friday, January 6, 2006

i miss my friends and having a furnace

this is a complaining post. well, it might start off that way, but you never know where it'll go... and neither do i. i stayed home last night and missed my s&b. that makes me sad, but it's also a good thing. the furnace guys were over yesterday and they will be over again today (remember, j gets two days off work for this). yesterday, they had a problem with one of the gas lines or oil lines or something and ended up spilling gas or oil in the basement. our house REEKS like stink and headaches pop up after minutes of entering the house.

so yesterday, i get home from work and i'm starving. i walk in the door and get bowled over by the smell. but i'm hungry so i turn on the oven. nachos are a life-saver. but the headaches all night! good thing it wasn't very cold out because we had a bunch of windows open and the front door open to get the air circulating.

it's a bit weird to me, but i haven't been feeling one hundred percent in the past week or so. i thought i was still receovering from the holidays and the stress of that and then having my french test, which stressed me more than i thought it would, but last night we figured it out. we've been breathing stale air all week. that MUST have something to do with why we both feel off. so we are very much looking forward to having this new furnace, both for the temperature issue (space heaters are grand and all, but nothing beats having heat all through the house) and the air being circulated and filtered and all that good stuff.

and now for some good news! i knew about this when i started writing so i misled you a little about the complaining bit. my contract is being extended (again) so i'm here for a month longer, which makes the end of my contract somewhere in march, most likely at the beginning.

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  1. congrats on the job extension!

    And good luck with the oil fumes... hopefully you've got real honest-to-goodness heat in the house by now...