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Friday, January 20, 2006

i found my box of letters that used to make me smile. now they make me lonely.

get this: i had a team building day today. a whole day of group exercises and planning for the future and learning. EXCEPT I WAS UNINVITED!!! over a month ago invitations went out for this team building extravaganza and then earlier this week my director's admin told me the director didn't want me there. nice. thanks, prick. and thanks for telling me yourself cause you were definitely in the office right across the hall.

so, i'm just guessing what they did all day. me, i slept in a little, got into work later than usual and spent an extra long time on lunch talking about all the things i want to do. i left early. screw you, work! hope the team building went well, fuckers!

okay, so i'm not really as mad as i'm coming across as being. i'm okay with this. i didn't want to go anyways, i just think it's funny. maybe they should have had some foresight and not invited me in the first place. maybe they should take a look into their team and then they would see how truly screwed up they are. i have never worked with such a back-stabbing, catty, and truly obnoxious bunch of people. they are pleasant to your face, which is nice, but then go behind your back (or not even in some cases - see below) and tell everyone how much you suck at this and are terrible at that.

we had a staff meeting earlier this week and my boss slammed me in front of everybody. that's just not cool. honestly. if you are that upset with my work (which i might say wasn't entirely my fault. maybe i took advice from someone not in a position to give advice, unbeknownst to me) just ask me to leave. tell me things aren't working out. i know from previous experience that i can handle having my contract cut short. i remember clearly the morning i was called into my previous boss's office. i remember the look on his face when he told me that things weren't working out. i'm a big girl and i can handle it.

quick solution - i quit. and i tell them just what i think of their little team and their crappy pay and how they've been mistreating me for the past 4 months. and i don't look back. but i can't do that. i won't do that. i need the money. even the shitty-pay money. i still need it. i need it so i can eat and clothe myself. i need it so that someday i can go on my honeymoon. i need it so i can indulge in some of the small pleasures in life. i need it.

hear that, crappy job? i need you because i need your money. but that doesn't mean i like you and that doesn't mean you don't make me miserable and that doesn't mean i won't leave you like k-fed left whatshername as soon as something better comes along. don't think i won't dump your ass. i'm better than you!

>end rant<

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