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Monday, January 16, 2006

i can tell you rock. i can tell by your charm.

weekend recap:

friday i went to local heroes with some ball girls, because brenda is leaving for australia on thursday. she's going for teacher's college for a year. will i visit her? perhaps. wouldn't that be awesome! after locals i was supposed to go out to the bar but i went to julie's instead and scrapbooked. we talked so much that i didn't get much done, but i'm still happy with my progress.

saturday i slept in like it was my job. i went to the wedding show with a guy from work's fiance. we had a good time. i was perky from all the sleep and had a much better time than last week. france got lots and lots of information and ideas and i didn't have to lie about anything. then i met j and his grandparents at swiss chalet. they have this new salad and it's so good. but i always feel a little weird afterwards and i think it's because there are nuts in it. saturday night i stayed in a watched tv and hung out with my kitties and my boy.

sunday was sunny! i woke up to blue skies and sunlight on my face. it was wonderful. i took the opportunity of not having anything planned to do some cleaning. then we went to the gym. i haven't been for so long. i went once over the christmas break, but not since, and i can't remember when i had been before so it had been way too long. i'm all sore today, but it's the good sore. tonight i think i'm going to do a body combat class, which is like cardio kickboxing sorta. tonight is also another 2 hours of 24. last night was the first two hours of the season and holy crap! it was great. all sorts of deaths and shooting and complications. awesome start to the season.

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  1. Do all nuts make you feel weird? You must be allergic.

    I guess next time you're at Swiss Chalet you can ask for your salad without nuts, but....

    wait for it...

    they might think you're nuts. :-)