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Monday, January 9, 2006

four fridays would make for a good week, unless it's the bad way

friday fours is a meme and i've been tagged. i don't usually do these things and i'm not sure my answers will be amusing, but here goes.

four jobs you've had in your life: pizza girl, garbage girl, government girl, and paper girl.

four movies you could watch over and over: bad boys 1 & 2, the new disney movies, but honestly, i don't really watch that much tv so i don't have favourites the same way other people do.

four places you've lived: now, this is boring as shit. ottawa and kingston. i've had three different homes in ottawa, and three different homes plus a 6x8 room in residence in kingston. oh, did i mention that the little gem in res was for two of us? yeah. kingston did provide some pretty funny times though: stinky matt, basement bugs, jub jub, cakestina, the pole of forgiveness, ban righ, sci 04!, ritual, biosci....

four tv shows you love to watch: 24, prison break, the biggest loser, and.. the fourth is a toss-up. there are shows that i like now and shows that i've liked in the past. i don't think i could choose.

four places you've been on vacation: victoria, BC, california, florida, all over ontario, new york, pennsylvania, western quebec and one trip to ohio for baseball.

four websites you visit daily: see the links on the right. i have time on my hands and visit all of those every single day. wow.

four of your favourite foods: i love chicken. i eat it about 5 or 6 times a week since i gave up red meat. hmm, i really like pasta and pc has whole wheat pasta now and that makes me happy. ooh, and they have a new chicken lasagna which combines chicken and pasta - what could be better?? i also really like strawberries and carrots. i'm weird.

four places you'd rather be right now: this is a tricky one since i'm home, in my joggers, with my little family and we have heat. there really isn't much else i want. let's change this question to 'four places you'd like to go'. okay, to answer your question, self, i would have to say i would love to see the east coast of canada. i would love to do one of those inclusive week-long hot places type vacation, though i think i would get bored. i would love to go to australia and see the big reef there, just thinking of that gets my biology juices flowing (that's not supposed to be dirty...). africa. and let's add on south america just for fun.

and that's the end of today's fun. today i went to work and then i went home early cause i wasn't feeling well. i napped for a while (three hours or something) and got up and made food and cleaned a bit. we shoveled the 5 feet of snow that fell today. and now i'm here. yay!

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  1. i think my answers turned out a little better than i was expecting. comments?