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Thursday, January 5, 2006

flashy / clashy pants

i saw the most amazing pants this morning on the bus. a woman got on and was standing a little in front of where i was sitting. now, i'm not sure if i can do these pants justice but i will try. imagine this: pieces of material sewn together. got that so far? good. now imagine there are four different patterns - red paisley, blue paisley, bluish flowery, and... leopard print! together at last! they were shocking and nasty and clashy and i don't know what else to say.

we get a new furnace today. good thing too because i blew a fuse upstairs this morning trying to blow dry my hair with the space heaters running. in my own defense, i did think that the bathroom and bedroom were on different fuses. i'm not that stupid... just ignorant. and i don't know how to change the fuses cause they're the round kind. i'm used to having to flick it all the way off and back on again. so i left j, who gets to stay home today and tomorrow (so i'm not feeling too bad about this), without power or a heater upstairs. at least i warned him.


  1. We didn't have any spare fuses, so I used the fuse for the driveway plugs to get power upstairs.

    Then it turned out that the installer guys needed outside power. So it's dark upstairs again. Once they leave, I'll get some more fuses.

  2. dollar store = cheap fuses. but remember... I am not an electrician.

    Good luck with the new furnace!