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Tuesday, January 3, 2006


i decided that i finally needed a change. one can only deal with orange-on-white for so long. now it's purple on black! how fun is this?? it took me a while - hey, i finished all my reports so i took some me time at work - but i got it done and i think i'm happy with it, though i make no promises that there won't be more changes to come.

we ran out of oil again yesterday, but just found out that the new furnace is being installed this thursday and friday. so we will not be without heat for long, and besides, we borrowed some space heaters from j's grandparents. those two, along with the one we have, keep the house, well the rooms we're in, at a comfortable temperature. plus, i put a comforter on the floor in the hall upstairs for the kitties. they like to sleep in it. i think they'll be fine.

so, j's taking thursday and friday off, and his newly repaired and functioning xbox will be arriving tomorrow or the next day so he'll be home all day, playing xbox. you'd think that three short weeks in a row is good enough, but no, not for that boy!


  1. i thought for sure the comments would be flowing in. i made some major colour changes. maybe i'm the only one who reads my blog... oh, that's sad.

  2. Hi Kam!

    I like the new layout. Now I won't confuse your blog with all the other ones that use the standard orange blogger layout.

    Also I am glad to hear that j has resolved his xbox issues.

  3. I was so totally going to comment yesterday morning while at "the office" but just as I finished reading your post my toast popped and I left to go finish my breakfast.... then I forgot all about my good comment intentions. The moral of the story: finish eating before "commuting" to "the office" :-P

    But seriously, the black background is much easier on the eyes. I like that. The purple, however... my first reaction was: "pink text? how unexpected. Am I at the right place?" I think it may be my eyes though - have difficulty with colours sometimes.
    I might give #87a a shot instead of #a7a. It's a little more bluey purple.

  4. how do you know the codes for the colours, alan?

  5. alan, i checked out #87a and i think i like #a7a better so i'm going to leave it for now. change definitely feels good though so i might be changing everything again soon. who knows!

  6. (using firefox)
    view -> page source

    This shows the html source code for your page. The text (and other) colours are part of the CSS block near the top.

    maybe you know, but #a7a is hexadecimal (base 16: 0123456789abcdef) for a 24-bit RGB colour code. It's actually shorthand for #AA77AA where
    red = AA_hex = 170_decimal
    blue = 77_hex = 119_decimal
    green = AA_hex = 170_decimal

    the valid (decimal) ranges for each colour component are 0 - 255, which is 00_hex to FF_hex. The smaller the number, the less that colour contributes to the mix.

    So, I figured that to make it less pink, you needed less red in the mix. instead of red = AA, maybe one or two steps down at 99 or 88 (there are actually a lot more steps than that, I'm simplifying a bit here)

    I opened photoshop, punched in #a7a, and compared to #97a and #87a for text on a black background. Took about 2 minutes in total. Photoshop (or similar) is a great tool for coming up with colour schemes. Also, if you want to stick to a "web-safe" palette of colours, you can use something like VisiBone color lab
    It's pretty handy too.

    have fun!