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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

call-out to all bridezillas

are you a bride-to-be? do you know someone who is? have i ever got a deal for you! i am offereing an all-expenses paid trip to the ottawa bridal fair this weekend, on the date of your choosing, saturday or sunday.

i will buy your ticket. i will be your friend and walk around with you. i will hold your hand during the fashion show if you so desire. i will pick you up and drop you off.

who will the lucky girl be?


  1. I'll be at the Greely Community Centre all of Friday, all of Saturday, and all of Monday. By "all of" I mean from like 10:45am to like 9:00pm. So I can't really be your bridal friend ... also I'm not ever going to be a bride-to-be.

  2. i found someone to come. and frank, just so you know, some guys DO go to these things. usually being dragged by their fiances, but it has been known to happen. so as soon as you pop the question, you can be my guest.

  3. Oh, I know guys go to those things. I wasn't trying to say that they don't. If guys didn't ever go to those then that would make one less thing for sitcoms to make fun of. There's almost always an episode where some guy's fiance takes him along to shop for wedding stuff (not gifts, but things to do with the actual wedding).

  4. jon said...

    She's lying. Guys don't go to those things. Maybe 20 guys were at the last wedding show I was at (working). It's more of a mother-daughter thing.

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