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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

birthday what?

my birthday is a mere two weeks away. what shall we do?

yes, i said "we". you're coming. unless you're some creepy weirdo who doesn't even know me. you don't know me! (that's what all the celebrities say. did you see that interview with gwen stefani when she was all swearing and saying 'you don't know me'! yeah, well i know that i used to like you and your band, before you got all big and hot on yourself and went all solo and now go everywhere with four japanese girls who aren't allowed to speak! like, what the hell? "don't talk to the girls. just don't talk to the girls." vj: "so it's like they aren't even there? i don't see the girls" gwen: "right." does anyone else have a problem with this???)

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