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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

birds of prey

why is it that this month is flying by? does january usually race around and leave us in its dust? i don't remember.

you know what's wrong with today? today feels like wednesday. what day is it today? why, it's tuesday. yuck! and you know what else? susan (remember her?) is in today and isn't usually and is driving me up the wall. plus, my boss slammed me in a staff meeting this morning in front of everyone. why? because that's the way (s)he is. i am getting so tired of this bullshit.

24 was awesome last night (quick gear shift). there wasn't as much killing, well maybe in numbers, but not in importance. i think this is going to be another great season.

i got paid for the wedding shows and for some other work i was doing for that company. yes money! i put the cheque in the bank not a minute too soon. we were about to bounce a rent cheque. someone is a nazi when it comes to putting money in savings.

i'm all by myself this weekend. anyone want to do something?

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  1. "i'm all by myself this weekend. anyone want to do something?"

    sure - did you have anything in mind?

    I think sylvia is working all day on Saturday... I could meet you somewhere for lunch, or maybe the three of us could do something in the evening. Drop me a line...