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Sunday, January 8, 2006

back to normal

saturday night we finally got our heat back. we didn't turn it down that night and loved the warm.

this weekend flew by, but most seem to these days. friday night we stayed in and cleaned and watched wedding crashers. i am so proud of myself for staying up until after 2am without napping. i made up for it by sleeping in saturday till late.

saturday i had to be a "mystery shopper" of sorts and pretend to be a bride-to-be and go to a wedding show. those two hours completely wore me out and made me so glad i've already gone through all of that. i spent some time at home, after treating me and j to mcdonalds, before going over to julie's for my scrapbooking date. i left j and the guys to play xbox all night. i didn't find out till much later that the xbox crapped out again and so they just sat around all night. scrapbooking was a lot of fun. we hadn't gotten together for about 6 months so we had lots to talk about. and i got lots done so it was good.

today i slept in again. i went out by myself and got two new bras and then got some pictures i had ordered and some groceries. then j and i went to the model house that we really like and took pictures and thought about where we would put everything. we were even able to go through a unit that was being built. it was neat and reminded me of my childhood. they were developing an area near where i lived and we used to break into the houses and run around (not legal or safe i will admit).

i'm not looking forward to work tomorrow, but work's work. it's gotta happen.

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