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Thursday, December 1, 2005

the sun is shining!

last night i had a very productive night. i cleaned, i wrapped presents, i made dinner (tuna helper) and jell-o (which i didn't eat so i have that to look forward to tonight), i went to the gym and pushed myself super hard, and i read lots of my book.

it's so nice to have a good book to read. i never really understood the people who don't read for pleasure (by choice, not because they have so much reading to do for classes and really don't have time to read for pleasure). you know? my brother was like that growing up. he hated reading and as a result he can't spell very well. i'm convinced the two are related.

speaking of my brother, he will be home for christmas two weekends from now so we're having our family christmas a week early. fine by me. like i said, my christmas shopping is mostly done.

i was looking at christmas albums last night on amazon. i think i might be coming around on christmas. i've always not liked the idea that people all of a sudden get nice around this time of year. the whole thing was very superficial for me for the longest time, but i'm finding that i'm surrounding myself more and more with people i like and who mean a lot to me. i guess i'm growing up and learning that i don't have to be around people i don't like so the holidays are more about being around family and friends, though the whole thing is still very commercial and that's another aspect i don't like but find myself buying all sorts of presents anyways. you can only give a scarf to someone so many times....


  1. Cool you have your shopping done, that's so nice. I'm looking forward to that day!

    I always look forward to your entries, Batman, you have such a good perspective and comeentary. I find myself thinking baout what you've said and that's the best ever.

    See ya soon chiquita, congrats on the gym discipline! i have sore arms from yoga, and if i could bottle the feeling, i would!

  2. Wow, you are all committed to the gym.. pronounced "gYme" like Homer. Congrats on that. I have not decided if I should join a gym or not, but if I continue to eat cookies at the rate I am, I will have no choice.

    Cookie exchanges are great fun, great food, and great additions to my midsection. No complaints. :)

    Gonna try to keep up with your gals' posts, though I know I've said this before and haven't done it, so perhaps I'll just add it to a list of 101 in 1001 days..

    good reading, keep writing,