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Monday, December 5, 2005

shut up, susan*

i'm at work and so is susan. susan is one of my office mates. as a temp, i get the wonderful pleasure of working in "the swamp". the swamp is a shared office space with no windows and four work spaces crammed in. the coop is pleasant and the new guy is nice. susan is a train wreck! this woman drives me insane. she works two days a week, and not even the regular eight hours a day. she spends all her time here talking on the phone. personal calls. i don't think she actually works. i think they don't know what to give her since she only works part time, but she also is not reliably here the two days a week she's supposed to be. did i mention she has a very annoying voice? it grates on my nerves. thank god for kevin (he's my iPod mini).

last night was my first annual christmas cookie exchange and i'm happy to say that it was a huge success. we had 16 people and 16+ different types of cookies. we played games and tested all the cookies and voted on our favourites. they were prizes and it seemed like everyone was having a good time. i almost made myself sick with the amount of sugar i consumed.

the rest of the weekend was devoted to cleaning the house, and going to the gym, seeing my parents and j's mom and grandparents and hanging out with friends. typical weekend activities.

this week will be.. well, i don't know what it will be. i thought it was a week later than it is. i don't really have anything until the weekend after next. maybe i'll focus on cleaning out sarah's room so when she's here she can actually sleep in her bed and get to it without having to climb over all my shit. sounds like a plan, superman.

*names have been changed

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  1. iPods - "They keep you sane." A new ad from Apple. :)