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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

REAL oil crisis

monday i got home from work and thought it was pretty chilly. it was a pretty cold day. turns out we did finally run out of oil. so j gets home and breaks the news (i'm too stupid to realize this on my own) so we get on the phone and go out to pick up some little heaters and a lasagna (use the oven, heat the kitchen). with the three space heaters we had we were very comfortable. i stayed home tuesday morning until the oil guy came so i got to sleep in and eat an actual breakfast - unheard of on a weekday because i suck. so they put in some oil, enough for two or three weeks and that was that.

so i won something today. at work, there was this thing where you went to one of nrcan's sites and found information and sent it in. i did and they came and gave me a water bottle today. it's green and i love it! i love winning. getting free things is the best.

more later. more on jobs and family and stuff.

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