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Friday, December 30, 2005

our little kitties

i took this picture last night and i love it!

in other news, j's sister loves me SO much she's moving to town in a little while. yay!

new year's plans anyone?


  1. blogger made uploading pictures a hell of a lot easier so expect more and more of them scattered among my ramblings.

  2. very!

    I'm currently at home stealing the computer away from my brothers (two of them are out, so it wasn't that hard to do). But I'm definitely enjoying the company of my cats!

    Hope your holidays are going well. I'm back to school on Tuesday!

  3. of course. i went back to work wednesday so i'm all screwed up as to what day it is. i'm spending my friday night at home, by myself (even the cats are upstairs), watching a movie and scrapbooking. i'm so lame!

  4. You're not lame. I watched two movies yesterday (The Brothers Grimm and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxay) in between doing some school stuff I should have done awhile ago and making a list of all the books I have and spending time with my cats. Today should be quite similar, but with some Chinese food and maybe no movies 'cause my dad's watching tv.