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Tuesday, December 6, 2005


so i left work early today. i was all done my work and was tired of playing minesweeper (though i did get a new high score.. guess! i play expert). it was so nice to be on the mostly empty bus which flew past empty stops and got me home remarkably fast AND THE SUN WAS STILL OUT! it would probably be worth working earlier hours, you know, starting at 7 or 7:30 just so i would see more daylight and the bus ride would be shorter and less crowded. hmm, food for though.

so the title of this post is "commitments" and as i was typing it i realized that some announcements are entitled commitments and it's all the couples who got engaged. well that is not what this is about! i have made some commitments and thought i'd share. first is my french test. i got home from work and checked my gmail and there was a message saying i have my oral french test december 22nd. now i just have to prepare. i think i need level c for the job this is for, so i'm only talking french at work from now on. that's the first commitment.

the second is that i'm going to run the 10K race this may in the ottawa race weekend. i ran the 5K this year (remember?). it was my first race (besides cross country in little kids school) and it was exhilirating. honestly. so next spring i'm upping the ante to 10K. i know i can do it and i have all winter to train for it. i've been pushing myself pretty hard at the gym. not hurting myself or anything stupid, but just pushing my body harder than i normally would. and other than the million and five cookies i've eaten since sunday night i think i'm in pretty good shape.

i guess my only other news is that last sunday i finally got some books to read and i plowed through the first one. it was so nice to be reading again. and then this past sunday i got some more books, some very very good ones and i've already finished one. body double by tess gerritsen was just awesome. i read the sinner and the apprentice by her not too long ago and she keeps the same characters so if you decide to read her books, read them in order. it's worth it. and now i'm reading a dean koontz book. he never disappoints. have you ever thought of making a list of all the books you've ever read? what would you ever do with such a list? how about all the movies you've ever seen.

m, i'm going to pull out my 101 things to do in 1001 days one of these days and she how things are going. my guess - not so well considering my goals were so lofty. like 100 ft ceilings instead of the regular 8.


  1. Hey Kam,

    There's website on the internet specifically for making lists of books.

    There is also the same sort of thing for music

    And there's probably one for movies somewhere

  2. i used to use allconsuming, but i didn't like it so well. i'll take a look at those sites when i get the chance. thanks, dick.

  3. anyone want to hazard a guess at my minesweeper score? cmon! i want to tell you!

  4. minesweeper... let's see.

    well, I know that my record for the teeny one is about 45 seconds or so.

    so I'll hazard a wild guess and say that your record for the super mondo puzzle is probably half that.

    22.5 seconds. That's my guess.
    If I'm right, then you really need to find the professional minesweeper circuit and cash in... :-)

  5. 72 is still amazingly amazing, even if it's not 22.5. I can't even finish the expert puzzle. Congrats!