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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

christmas - wrap up

christmas is all over. it was a very busy and hectic time, but no more so than past years. j's parents and sister lived with us for a week and a half, but that part wasn't too stressful since they all lived in the house before (much longer than i've been there) so they generally take care of themselves. we spent much time at j's grandparent's house and that was stressful. i feel like i haven't been home much in the past two weeks. yesterday we were finally able to spend some time at home. i cleaned and did laundry. you should have seen all the dirty clothes next to j's side of the bed.

last night was my baseball team's christmas party. i got a one year subscription to in style magazine and i'm pretty excited about that. andi got the present i brought, a girls night out change jar. she seemed to really like it.

i'm gearing up for my french oral test which is this afternoon. i still have to figure out exactly where i'm going and how to get there. work today has been pretty slow, but that was expected since more than half of the people are still on holidays. thank goodness for that. i need more sleep if i'm going to function properly.

oh right, christmas presents. i scored a bunch of movies (cinderella, march of the penguins, pocahontas (i don't know how to spell that one) and madagascar, which i still haven't seen), some super nice work out clothes from lu lu lemon, $50 gift card for chapters, a nice sweater, two frying pans and so much more. plus we were given some money so we're looking into getting a home theatre receiver. i don't know much about it, but j does so he'll be taking care of it. i'll just play the pretty position (where you stand around, don't do anything but look pretty). i'm good at that.

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