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Thursday, December 8, 2005

christmas season and the oil crisis in our basement

let me tell you about the oil crisis. we are switching from oil to natural gas and so have not received any oil since last winter. we are using up whatever is left in the tank before they come and take it away. so when j gets home yesterday to find the house a chilly 14 degrees, he promptly turns on the oven and opens the over door. to heat the house, you know. when i get home i promptly put on joggers and close all the blinds and curtains. so j's calling the oil company, who will only come after hours (=emergency) if they can give us 500 litres of oil + delivery charge = ~ $600. so, no, thank you. so that gets j thinking. turns out the batteries in the thermostat were dying and the fuse had blown. how both happen together i do not know. i do know, however, that i really appreciate the little oil we have left and that i was toasty in bed last night.

christmas season is upon us - my office christmas party starts in under an hour. this is both good and bad. good because i like most of the people i work with, bad because i don't like all of the people i work with. i think it will be okay. plus i have s&b to help me bow out early. and they're just down the street! no bussing home for me today, not that i mind the bus so much, except they have been sucking pretty huge in the past couple of weeks.

party time!

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