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Sunday, November 27, 2005

oh the post

this past week at work was a long one, but only because it was my first five-day week in a while. i was spoiled and now i'm back to normal. there is so much shit that goes on. i can't believe an office actually functions that this. i have one month left and then it's sionara.. or they extend me and i crawl sheepishly back. at least it's christmas season and that means office parties with spiked punch, at least that's what the magazines i read lead me to believe. i've never been to an office party like they speak of in magazines. have you?

today is the day that we go and look at open houses. there are five in riverside south all open at the same time today. that makes things easier. and i think i'll go out and get some christmas shopping done before j gets out of bed.

i just found out my brother will be home for a weekend for christmas (we weren't expecting him at all so this is great news). he's going to florida with some friends. i'm going to be happy not to be going anywhere this christmas. last year we spent the first half of the break in bc with j's parents and sister and got back to a madhouse. it made the holidays feel short somehow.

we started our "knit for kids" knitting tuesday at S&B. i bought some wool and we get together and make scarves and mitts and tukes (let's be honest, i will only be making scarves because that's all i can make) to give to the salvation army. ideally i will be refunded the cost of the wool when we give everything back. it's a nice little program and i'm glad we're doing it this year.

snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity
oh there goes rabbit, he choked
he's so mad, but he won't give up that
easy, no


  1. Batman,

    Send me your address so that I can send you your Christmas card. (vvaanneessaauuss@hotmail.com)


  2. Hey Batman!

    How's it hanging? Long time!

    Would you mind taking off the post where I put my e-mail addy? I googled my e-mail address and it linked to your blog which means employers who are googling my e-mail addy could find my blog!